What I’ve Learned Through GPII

What are three things you LEARNED from this course and what is one thing you will DO as follow up? Assets and strengths come in all different shapes, sizes, and forms. A community does not just need money in order to function well – it also needs other resources, such as human/social capital. Communities that are thriving are not thriving based on luck. It requires a combination of leadership, collaboration, […]

Advocacy Activity – Please, Let’s Not Allow The Handmaid’s Tale to Become a Reality

Women’s reproductive rights have been a hot button issue throughout history. The attack on the right for women to possess full autonomy in making decisions regarding their own bodies is very present in our society today. Though we have seen victories, it’s troubling how many setbacks women still continue to face on this topic. Women are under serious threat of being denied access to safe reproductive services. Furthermore, abortion services […]

The Importance of Program Evaluation

Explain the importance of evaluation as a concept. In the Krajewski et al., please summarize the findings of the program as reflected in the program evaluation.   Program evaluation in the field of social work is a critical and imperative process because when you are dealing with 1. limited resources and 2. the lives and well-being of individuals. The program evaluation process allows for social workers to address issues of credibility […]

The History of Housing in America and it’s Current Issues

Choose from housing, homelessness, or food policy. Trace historical roots (including at least 3 aspects or discrete pieces of legislation) and at least 2 current issues.   Historical Roots In 1937, the Housing Act was passed, which signified the very first time the federal government introduced any housing policies in the United States. The intended outcome of the Housing Act was to encourage more Americans to become homeowners, which would then, […]

What is strategic planning?

Citing Bryson (Chapter 1), what is strategic planning, what does it measure, and why is it necessary? Literally, how do we strategically plan?   Strategic planning is the process of gathering and analyzing information that will be used to guide any processes of change in the function and the mission of an organization. There is no distinct unit of measure when it comes to strategic planning. More so, strategic planning can […]

American Justice System: Rehabilitate or Punish?

There are two main philosophies regarding crime and corrections: rehabilitation (trying to help reform prisoners so they don’t reoffend) and punishment (giving consequences to those who offend as punishment and also a deterrent against future criminals).  Based on what the book says, would you say the US has historically had a rehabilitative or punitive approach to crime?  Do you see this continuing or changing, based on current issues and trends? […]

U.S. Federal Drug and Mental Health Policy

How has U.S. federal drug and mental health policy positively and negatively affected mental health and substance abuse in the U.S.?  Use at least 2 policies for each (mental health and substance abuse) to defend your answer.   With the introduction of Mental Health Act of 1946, the United States began to recognize the issue of mental illness in the country and established the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) […]

Reinventing the Future of a Community

As evidenced in the text, what are three ways that the leadership of Greenville-Spartanburg, SC “re-invent[ed] their future” through global partnership?  Thinking of a community with which you are familiar (feel free to use OKC or Pittsburgh from the text), how did that community diversify and restructure their future? Give 2 concrete examples.   Leaders within Greenville-Spartanburg, SC were determined to keep their city afloat during the sinking of the demand […]

Comparing and Contrasting the Switch from AFDC to TANF

Explain AFDC & TANF.  Discuss the ideological and political changes surrounding the switch from AFDC to TANF. Describe the differences & similarities between the two programs.     Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) originally began as just Aid to Dependent Children (ADC) as part of the Social Security Act of 1935. The objective was to support children within their own homes by offering financial assistance to their mothers. Once, […]

Blog Changes + Growing New Leaders

Part 1: Please share what 2 changes/additions you made to your website (note if they were peer suggested or your own ideas) and explain your reasoning behind it.  As a suggestion from Brian, the first change I made to my blog was expanding my biography. It is important for individuals who are viewing a blog to have an understanding of who they are hearing from. It was also important for […]