What I’ve Learned Through GPII

What are three things you LEARNED from this course and what is one thing you will DO as follow up? Assets and strengths come in all different shapes, sizes, and forms. A community does not just need money in order to function well – it also needs other resources, such as human/social capital. Communities that are thriving are not thriving based on luck. It requires a combination of leadership, collaboration, […]

The Importance of Program Evaluation

Explain the importance of evaluation as a concept. In the Krajewski et al., please summarize the findings of the program as reflected in the program evaluation.   Program evaluation in the field of social work is a critical and imperative process because when you are dealing with 1. limited resources and 2. the lives and well-being of individuals. The program evaluation process allows for social workers to address issues of credibility […]

What is strategic planning?

Citing Bryson (Chapter 1), what is strategic planning, what does it measure, and why is it necessary? Literally, how do we strategically plan?   Strategic planning is the process of gathering and analyzing information that will be used to guide any processes of change in the function and the mission of an organization. There is no distinct unit of measure when it comes to strategic planning. More so, strategic planning can […]

Reinventing the Future of a Community

As evidenced in the text, what are three ways that the leadership of Greenville-Spartanburg, SC “re-invent[ed] their future” through global partnership?  Thinking of a community with which you are familiar (feel free to use OKC or Pittsburgh from the text), how did that community diversify and restructure their future? Give 2 concrete examples.   Leaders within Greenville-Spartanburg, SC were determined to keep their city afloat during the sinking of the demand […]

Blog Changes + Growing New Leaders

Part 1: Please share what 2 changes/additions you made to your website (note if they were peer suggested or your own ideas) and explain your reasoning behind it.  As a suggestion from Brian, the first change I made to my blog was expanding my biography. It is important for individuals who are viewing a blog to have an understanding of who they are hearing from. It was also important for […]

Peer Website Review + Birmingham: Preserving the Story of The Civil Rights Movement

Two-part Blog Post: Part 1: On your blog, name 3 changes you recommend for your peers’ website. Add a biography, so people know who they are hearing from! Add interesting titles to your blog posts, so that people know what they are about to read about and become interested in reading your posts! Great job with making your posts about course topics interesting and letting your voice shine through! Part […]

NASW Day at the Legislature

For those who attended the Capitol experience: Write about 5 specific things you learned (or were reinforced) from the NASW Day at the Legislature and how you will use them to impact your work on a macro level in your career as a social worker. One of the NASW Code of Ethic’s core values is the importance of human relationships. Kara Joy Mckee offered a very sound piece of advice […]

Allentown, PA: A Community That Took The High-Road

Choosing one of these three communities from your readings (Allentown, PA [Morse], post-Katrina New Orleans evacuees [Cortes], or Harmony Elementary in CA [Cortes]), describe one way the community was challenged as cited by the text and two ways the struggle positively impacted its growth. Once the Second World War was over, many cities and their communities were left vulnerable due to the decline for the need of steel. Communities such […]

When a Community Changes You

Choose one of the statements below and expound upon your own ideas using at least one example by Morse (with proper citations): “Communities are not programmable or predictable” “Community evolves around three nexuses the: community of relationship, community of interests, and community of place.” “Building the capacity of people to frame and then solve their own problems is the critical vehicle for civic change and must be the overriding factor […]

Blog Post – Practice

As your practice blog, please name 3 things that you will commit to do to enhance your learning in this course. Section out my readings, rather than doing them all at once the night before. Utilize other class members or social workers to better understand and comprehend the content of this course. Reintroduce mindfulness practices into my everyday life to better retain information.