Reinventing the Future of a Community

As evidenced in the text, what are three ways that the leadership of Greenville-Spartanburg, SC “re-invent[ed] their future” through global partnership? 

Thinking of a community with which you are familiar (feel free to use OKC or Pittsburgh from the text), how did that community diversify and restructure their future? Give 2 concrete examples.


Leaders within Greenville-Spartanburg, SC were determined to keep their city afloat during the sinking of the demand for textiles which they had heavily relied upon during the 19th century. One way Greenville-Spartanburg decided to pursue the reinvention of their future was to partner with foreign companies and invite them to do business in their city. This invited around 30 international businesses to the area which created investments of around $1 billion and 1,500 jobs. Additionally, leadership in the city worked to cultivate the education, transportation, and health care systems in the community to attract these international companies. The former executive director of the Chamber of Commerce, Richard Tukey worked closely with these foreign investors to make their transition to America as easy as possible by assisting them with things such as finding housing and obtaining their visas. Lastly, leaderships cultivated an environment that was pro-business and offer worker-training programs, while also being open-minded, inviting, and accepting of different cultures from around the world.


When you think of Pittsburgh you most likely automatically associate it with steel. It produced over half of the steel for the United States before World War II. However, this production of steel became detrimental to the environment and the health safety of the citizens of Pittsburgh. Leaders in the city worked to find solutions to solve these environmental problems. As a result anti-pollution laws were introduced, which led to the city to uncover their natural and environmental resources.  This additionally led to the investment into a number of other industries in the city such as education, medicine, and technology.


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