The Importance of Program Evaluation

Explain the importance of evaluation as a concept. In the Krajewski et al., please summarize the findings of the program as reflected in the program evaluation.


Program evaluation in the field of social work is a critical and imperative process because when you are dealing with 1. limited resources and 2. the lives and well-being of individuals. The program evaluation process allows for social workers to address issues of credibility and efficacy of an implemented program or intervention. When you are intervening into the lives of others, it’s crucial to ensure that these interventions and programs are actually helping individuals and not causing more harm.

Krajewski and colleagues (2010) implemented a program involving putting on a theatrical show ran by special education students in order to teach them necessary skills that would be helpful for the students to obtain employment in the future. Upon completing their program evaluation, the authors found that the majority, about three-fourths of the students, displayed improvements in the areas the authors wished to address. These behaviors that were being studied were “attendance, performance, completion of tasks [and] conduct” (p.172). There were some issues for some students with staying focused and on task, however, these are just some of the challenges that are faced by individuals with disabilities or special needs. The program used an empowerment-based approach which allowed for the students to participate in a lot of self-exploration and personal growth. Not only did these students learn technical skills that are beneficial and necessary for the workforce, but they gained a greater sense of self-appreciation and self-efficacy. This article is living proof that you can make so much more positive change when you looks at an individual for their strengths rather than their perceived deficits.


Krajewski, E. R., Wiencek, P., Brady, S., Trapp, E., Rice Jr., P. (2010). Teaching employable skills to special education youth: An empowerment approach. International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, 5(1), 167-176.

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