What I’ve Learned Through GPII

What are three things you LEARNED from this course and what is one thing you will DO as follow up?

  1. Assets and strengths come in all different shapes, sizes, and forms. A community does not just need money in order to function well – it also needs other resources, such as human/social capital.
  2. Communities that are thriving are not thriving based on luck. It requires a combination of leadership, collaboration, innovation, and strategic planning to become successful.
  3. Icebreakers are such an easy way to begin a new group. I have used many of the ones we learned in class in a small group that I developed with a group of 3rd and 4th grade girls at my practicum. They have proven to be an effective way to draw these young women out of their shells and feel comfortable to participate in the group.


Moving forward in my practice as a social worker, I will recognize the importance of assessing a situation, whether it be in regards to an individual, group, or community before making any suggestions of an intervention. Most importantly, during this process, it is crucial to take a strengths-based approach and to ensure that the person or community that I am working with always possesses complete autonomy and self-determination. I may have ideas and suggestions of what someone or something needs, but ultimately it is up to them to decide what their need is and how to address it.

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